Remembering Bigmun '14 ♥


i do not care about highschool or getting involved or making memories i want to pass my classes and get the fuck out

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click here for a random humor post (if you want a new one, just click again) - hope this game is gonna make some of you smile ! ♥

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Message me movies I need to watch? :) xx

Guess I’m starting a list right here and editing your suggestions into it :

- Frozen
- The Fault in our Stars
- The Lion King

- If I stay
- Maleficent
- the book thief

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you might not believe it, but my ask box is there to be used :o
hehe I’d love to talk to some of you, I’m bored xx

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So I started using feature points and basically you earn money for trying out free apps(works for iphone,ipad but also android phones!) , which is awesome in my opinion ! :) For every app you tried, you will get points and you will get to change those to some of the following things:
You can get the money to Paypal, in form ofAmazon Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Cards and (depending on where you live) also for other Shops/rewards (e.g. Ipads) ! And you get to discover great new apps as well. 
In order to help you get started, if you use this referral code you will get an extra 50 points ! 
Have fun and good luck earning money and trying out apps :) 

I love you so much for sharing this I can’t believe I AM MAKING MONEY BY TRYING OUT APPS ON MY PHONE 
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